The seven Rules

"That’s embarassing—

What’s with this strange outfit…?!
Don’t look… I don’t like it-


I’m going to kick your fucking arse.


I suppose this is what they want to see.
An embarassed reaction—?

It won’t happen.

This… thing is pink, tight and shorter than my usual toga-
And this doesn’t exactly make me happy-

…But for now, I’ll just laugh at those bastards-
Pervert bastards.

As I said-

…Such a weird taste.

9:56 pm Monday, February 4, 2013 | 12 notes
IC M!A: nurse for 3 days. In which Haki distorts an almost canon reaction- because- Nope- you need more than that to ruin his little pride-
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    -rolls eyes, chuckles- Just a guess. Pink isn’t your color.
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    …….. My mate is perfect.
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    …Quite obvious. It’s not my hobby to wear tight pink dresses. But, for… some reason, you look very satisfied. Do you...
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